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Got Engaged, Now What?

Congratulations if you’ve just got engaged! It is such an exciting time, however the novelty can quickly wear off once the reality of planning your wedding day starts to feel overwhelming! From timelines to budgets, guest lists to booking suppliers, we totally understand the many pressures couples face throughout their wedding planning journey. To help you through the process (whilst keeping your relationship intact), we’ve outlined the top 6 things you should do after getting engaged.

6 things to do after you get engaged
Photo Credit: Sposto Photography

1. Set your date

The first question you’ll hear after you announce your engagement is: ‘When is the big day?!’ You may think that setting a date is an easy first step, but there are several considerations when choosing your wedding date. For example do you want a long, leisurely engagement, or are you looking to tie the knot ASAP? This will be largely driven by whether you have savings that you can draw on now, or whether you’ll need a year or more to budget for your big day. Perhaps you have a significant date or anniversary that you want your wedding to coincide with? Or maybe you’re dreaming of a Summer garden wedding or a romantic winter wedding? There’s lots to think about and your chosen wedding date will impact the rest of your wedding planning decisions, from your styling, to your budget and even your guest list.

Wedding menu inspiration by Flamboyant Invites
Wedding Menu inspiration - Flamboyant Invites

2. Determine your budget

This is by far the least fun part of wedding planning, but it is definitely one of the most important things to prioritise. You’ll need to figure out how much you want to spend (and realistically how much you can afford to spend) on your wedding day. Your wedding should be one of the best days of your life, but it shouldn’t put you under undue financial pressure. This is why creating a realistic budget is so essential and in order to determine your budget, you’ll need to think about your current financial situation, your savings and any financial contributions from family members.

Once you’ve set a budget, you can then allocate your budget according to the different elements of your day that you want to incorporate, from catering to styling, and flowers to entertainment.

3. Draft Your Guest List

Next it’s time to think about who you would like to join you to celebrate your big day. This can feel incredibly stressful once you start to consider family politics, guest partners, kids, number and budget restrictions.

In all honesty…this is your day, so you should never feel guilty about trimming your list to suit the kind of celebration that you both want.

4. Consider your wedding vision

This is where the fun begins because it is time to envisage your dream day!

So where to start? Your wedding vision should be centred around the details that mean the most to you both. By establishing your top priorities for the day, you will ensure that your celebration feels personal and authentic, but will also help you allocate your budget and time accordingly. A Pinterest board is always a useful way to gather your ideas and inspiration, and help you to narrow down your shared vision and priorities!

Wedding vision inspiration
Photo Credit: Sposto Photography

5. Pick your wedding venue

You’ve figured out the when, what, who and how – now, it’s time to tick off the where!

Your wedding venue is the first item on the list that you’ll need to secure with a deposit because popular venues get booked up well in advance. Finding the perfect venue will be driven by your wedding budget, guest numbers and vision. Are you wanting an intimate restaurant/bar, or a country house with vast gardens? Do you have your heart set on a barn wedding or a venue with a coastal view? With so many amazing venues to choose from, you’ll need to draw up a shortlist and understand whether the venue is available for your ideal wedding date.

Wedding inspiration
Photo Credit: Meg Amorette Photography

6. Soak it up!

With so many things to think about, you may be tempted to dive straight into all the details, from dresses to venues, colour schemes to bands. But with the essential aspects now sorted, it’s also important to take time to soak up and enjoy the excitement of your engagement. Take time to organise a romantic weekend away, or an engagement celebration – there’s plenty of time to get into the finer details as the wedding planning kicks in!

Engaged - 6 tips on what to do next
Photo Credit: Meg Amorette Photography


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